Monday, 21 May 2012

Young Aviator's Badge (Level 1) Consent Form

Dear Parents,

Please download the concert form here for the Young Aviator's Workshop.
Details of the workshop can be found in an earlier post. Click here to be directed to the post.

Remind your child to deposit the form with the CASH payment attached in a sealed envelope, into the Scout CCA Box by 25 May 2012, Friday.

Thank you.
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Thursday, 17 May 2012

2012 Mid Term Campfire

Dear Parents,

You are most welcome to join us for the Campfire tomorrow, 18 May 2012.
The campfire will start about 7.30 pm. Please be seated by about 715 pm.

For cub scouts who are not going for the Health Trooper's Badge Workshop on 19 May 2012, they will be dismissed at about 9.30 am.

Please make arrangements to pick them up by then, as there will not be any teachers around after 9.45 am.

Thank you. =)

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Young Aviator Badge Course (Cub Scout Level 1)

The Singapore Scout Association is pleased to inform you that the Young Aviator Badge Course (Cub Scout Level 1) is now open for registration to all registered Cub Scout members.

The details are as follow:-

Date : (Sat) 9 June 2012

Time : 8.30 am to 5.30 pm

Venue : Singapore Scout Association HQ

Attire : Scout Uniform

Closing Date : (Sat) 19 May 2012

Course Fee : $20.00

The Young Aviator Badge Course (Cub Scout Level 1) aims to bring about awareness in aviation related domains such as the History of Flight and the Principles of Flight through a fun-filled day of hands on activities during the course. A half day visit to the Airport will also be conducted to enhance the learning.

The criteria for the Badge are as follow:
- Know 5 occupations associated with an airport (Conducted during the course proper)
- Visit an airport and share with your leader on your experience
(Project work. To be verified by respective unit leaders)
- Make and fly three different types of paper aeroplane (Conducted during the course proper)
- Identify six airlines from their markings. (Conducted during the course proper)
- Collect and identify six different pictures of aircraft and share them with other Cub Scouts. 
(Project work. To be verified by respective unit leaders)

To attain the badge, Cub Scouts will also be required to do a mini-project after the course and present it to to the Scout Teachers.

Cub Scout who completed all the requirements will be awarded the Young Aviator Badge (Cub Scout Level 1) and a Badge Certificate.

Please complete the form below by 24 May 2012 if you are interested to sign your child up. We will notify you via email at later date if the course is confirmed.

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Monday, 14 May 2012

National Cub Scout Challenge 2012

Dear Cub Scouts,

The Singapore Scout Association will be organising the National Cub Scout Challenge for all Cub Scouts in Singapore. The objectives of this event /competition are to augment and reinforce the knowledge of Scouting skills that Cub Scouts learn in their regular activities, as well as to create an environment of cooperative learning among Cub Scouts in the spirit of competition. This event requires Cub Scouts to work together in groups, and complete certain stations in order to accomplish a final task.

This event will take place in Raffles Institution (Year 1-Year 4 Campus) on (Sat) 7 July 2012 from 0800 hrs to 1500 hrs. A maximum of two teams of 10 Cubs each will be shortlisted to represent the school for this event. Only cub scouts who are interested and available on 7 July should register their interest by completing the form below. We will notify you if you are shortlisted.

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Update Contact Details

Dear Parents,

Please take some time to register your child using the registration form.

We would like to have an updated of your contacts. =)

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Submission of Acknowledgement Forms

Dear Cub Scouts,

This is a gentle reminder that the deadline for the submission of the acknowledgement form for the Mid Year Camp is 7 May 2012, Monday.

Do remember to drop your form in the scouts box outside the staff room.

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