Thursday, 27 October 2016

Overnight Camp 4-5 November 2016

Dear all,

Now that exams is over for you, we will be having an overnight camp from 4-5 November.

We will work on the arrows and proficiency badges on 4 Nov, so please remember to bring your Record Book and Log Book.

Saturday (5/11) will include a hike to the Southern Ridges (Hort Park) and snacks at McDonald's together with the Table Tennis CCA pupils.

If you have not received the information and consent form, please collect from Mrs Pwee's locker (#115) near the level 2 Lost & Found area.

Submit the consent form (by 28/10) in the Cub Scouts pigeon hole just outside the Staff Room (where the black round tables and white chairs are). Late entries will not be entertained.

Thank you

*P6 pupils who are able and willing to help with the P6 campfire, please see Mrs Pwee too. Thank you!