Thursday, 26 March 2015

Young Aviator Badge 2015

Please note the following information for Young Aviator Badge 2015

Report time: 9am
Venue: Class 2E, KRC
Programme Flow:
9.15am- Commencement of the aviator theory class
12.30pm- Lunch
1.15pm- Leave school for Changi Airport
2pm- Start of activities at Changi Airport
4.30pm- Leave Changi Airport for School
Dress Code: Full Scouts Uniform (including woggle, socks, belt, and black shoes)
Please remember to bring along your logbook, record book, writing materials, and water bottle.
Lunch and transport to/ from Changi Airport will be provided.

Important note to parents:
Parents are advised to pick up the children at 5pm (subject to traffic condition)
Cub Scouts may wish to bring along snacks, and handphones (for photo-taking only; playing games on handphones is strictly not allowed) at your own risk.

Cancellation of CCA on 27 March 2015

CCA on March 23, Term 2 Week 1 has been cancelled to enable our teachers and pupils to pay our tributes to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

The notification and consent form for the trip to the Community Tribute Site at Senja-Cashew CC @ Bukit Panjang have been issued today. We will be collecting the consent form after the flag raising ceremony tomorrow,
If you are going with the school to pay tribute to Mr Lee, do meet in the hall at 1.50pm (must be in full school uniform).
We strongly encourage you to join us in paying tributes to the nation's founding father.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Returns of job week card and money

Cub scouts who have not submitted the job week card and the money today are to submit them to any of the Cub Scout teachers on Tuesday 24/3 after the flag raising ceremony.

Thank you

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Investiture Campfire

Campfire preparation by ex-pupils, Joshua Pwee and Emerson Qwek

Fireball (called "Omega") 

 Mr Chan leading the first action song

Items by various Sixes

Investiture ceremony

"On my honour, I promise to do my best,....

"Edelweiss" by our Senior Sixers and ex-pupils

Mrs Ong declares the campfire close

Group photo!

All food is yummy when you're hungry...

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Lost & Found

Cubs, if you can't find any of the items you brought to the camp last weekend, please see Mr Chan by this Friday.

There are a few towels, under garments, sleeping bags, a brand new pair of scout shoes with socks, and other accessories.

Let's not waste your parents' hard-earned money by losing the things they bought for you.

Thank you.

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Job Week

Dear all,

Here is some important information regarding the Job Week.

1. Do not lose the Job Week card. You will have to make a police report if you do.

2. Make sure you record the date and amount given by the person who gave you the job. Remember to say "Thank you".

3. Remember to give the pocket calendar to the person who gave you the job.

4. Submit the Job Week card and money collected on 23 March. Mr Chan and Miss Lim will collect them immediately after the flag raising ceremony.

Enjoy working :)

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Investiture ceremony cum overnight camp

Dear Cubs and parents,

There will be a meeting this Friday, 6 March, before the Investiture Ceremony. All Cubs are to report in class 4K at 2pm, and stay in school until the campfire ends. Dinner will be provided for all Cubs.

The following are important timings for parents to note:

Mar 6
7.15pm: Investiture Ceremony at the Courtyard
Mar 7
1.30pm: break camp & dismissal at KRC meeting point

The detailed camp programme will be shared with the cubs on Friday.

Dress code is as follows:
Investiture camp: Full uniform with black shoes for all cubs

Gardens by the Bay outing: Scouts T-shirt/ PE attire (for those who have not purchased the scout T-shirt)

*please see earlier blog for packing list.

Thank you and see you on Friday!

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