Friday, 7 September 2012

2012 Term 4 Cub Scout Meeting Schedule

Dear Parents,

There are only 2 meetings for Term 4 as the school prepares for SA2 and the move to the holding site.
We are trying to plan for a camp and campfire for Week 9. Details will be sent out once the planning is completed. Do check in on our blog for future updates.

Alternatively, you may drop us an email.
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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Wear Uniform with Red National Scarf

Dear Parents, 

Please remind your child to wear full uniform with red National Scarf tomorrow. 

They are to meet at 7 am at the meeting point.

Thank you. =)

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

CCA on 3 Aug 2012

Dear Parents and Cub Scouts,

Please note that there is CCA meeting this Friday, 3 Aug 2012, for those who has submitted the consent form for the Visit to the Neighbourhood Police Post.

The following is the tentative flow of events for the day:
All cubs scouts reminded to meet at the foyer (behind the school hall) in their full uniform by 2 p.m.
We will then make our way to the Police Post by foot.
We will return to school between 4 to 430 p.m. and the cub scouts are required to sit for a written test for the badge.
Your child can leave when he/she has completed the test. CCA will end by 5.15 pm.

Please do make arrangements to pick up your child at the school gates.
Cars will not be allowed to be driven into school compound on Friday (after 2 pm) due to the P6 Oral Exams.

Thank you =)

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Friday, 27 July 2012

2012 Rock Climbing Activitiy

Lunch before climbing

Safety Briefing

One of the Instructors
Instructor Woody
The instuctor doing a demonstation
How the harness should be worn
All eager to climb

Mathew, who managed to climb nearly to the top


Lin Xuan, the only girl who managed to climb up all the way to the top!

Duan Kang, one of the first boys who reached the top


Cornnor (left) with his brother, Alan. Cornnor was the 2nd boy who reached the top. 

Our three scouts who climbed all the way to the top with much determination. A MacDonald's meal awaits them =)
We are very proud of our cub scouts today. Although it was a hot day today, they managed to keep their spirits high for this outdoor activity. They cheered and encouraged their friends.

What touched our hearts today is the determination that most of our cubs displayed. The youngest climber, Connor, who reached the top is merely 9 years old. Most of the cubs managed to climb up at least 5 meters of the rock wall. Some who are Acrophobic, managed to overcome their fear and climbed up at 3 metres. 

For many of us who were waiting to climb, as we looked at others climbed, we thought to ourselves "That looks easy." It's only when you started climbing up the rocky wall, will you realize that it is not an easy task.

We hope that the cubs will always remember this experience and learn

It's never easy to conquer the obstacles that they may face in future in life, 
but with detemination (and maybe many repeated attempts and failures), 
nothing is impossible. 

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Message to All Cub Scouts

Dear All,

Please note that that is no meeting this Friday.

All consent forms for the Rock Climbing Trip (27 July 2012) should be submitted by 19 July 2012.

Thank you

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Latest Updated Schedule (11 July)

Dear Cubs,

Please note that the rock climbing activity has been rescheduled.

Do refer to the lastest schedule attached below, dated 11 July 2012.

Term 3 Cub Scout Meeting Schedule Thank you.

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

2012 National Cub Scout Challenge

We sent in two teams of cub scouts for the 2012 National Cub Scout Challenge which is organised by the Singapore Scout Association. A total of 500 cubs scouts participated in this event, which was held at RI this year.
As this event clashes with the school's Floral Harmony Day, some of our cubs who had shown interest previously, were not able to make it. Thus we were not able to send in 2 complete teams of 10 cubs scouts. Although both our teams did not have enough team members, we still achieved excellent results. 

Members of Team A include: Isobel James, Yong Duan Kang, Yong Duan Kern, Sean Hung, Claire Li and Grace Ang.

Members of Team B include: Tay Fu Wen, Lex Tan, Cherie-Ann, Shanyl Ong, Tan Guan Shi, Cylvin Sim and Josephine Seng.

Team A won the Gold Award, a prestigious award, conferred only to the top 10 teams on this challenge. Although Team B, which was made up of mainly new cub scouts who just joined our unit this year, performed beyond their own expectations and received the Silver Award.

Although the cubs had to endure the heat under the hot sun, we know they had a good time and a memorable Scouting Day!

Before registration, our cub scouts were busying preparing themselves for the knotting station which they felt was their weakest link. The Senior Sixers, Duan Kang and Isobel, gave the rest some last minute crash-course training.

Our first station was Treasure Hunt. Each team had to orientate themselves using the compass given to them to the next clue. Each clue had a phrase or a word which forms part of a sentence that they must unscramble when they reached their check-point.

Team B at their check-point

Isobel busy reading her notes on knots tying before the next challenge
Our next station was the Chariot Race. At this station, each team was given 6 spars and some ropes. A chariot had to built and the team had to carry a team member on the chariot that they had built on a race.

Our next station was the Game Station. This game was divided into three mini-games.
The objective of the first game was to pass 20 rubber bands from one team member to the next using just straws.

The objective of the next mini-game was to transport a ping pong ball using a spoon.

The last mini-game required 3 team members to search for sweets on a plate of flour.

Our next station was the Knot Station. Each team member had to tie a knot given by the station master. If he/she faced difficulties, another team member could come forward to help. 

Although the cub scouts had wished hard that it was this station that they were going to skip due to the rain, their wishes did not come true. I still very proud of them as hey still faced up to this challenge bravely. Team B was one of the last groups to group to complete this task. When I asked them if they would want to give up, they refused to and insisted that they finished up the 10 types of knots

Our Knot Guru

Our final game was to solve a problem given by the station master.
Each team was given an egg, some newspapers and about 2 metres long raffia string. The objective was to lower the egg from 2nd floor down to the ground floor. In the end, both teams managed to get their egg "safely" down to the ground floor with the limited resources given to them.

Team B with their package
Team A with theirs

We would like to thank all parents of the team members for their support. Some had to make last minute arrangements to send their child for this event and we are really grateful to them.

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