Thursday, 18 May 2017


Dear cubs,

Firstly, those who wish to take the Akela award are to inform Mrs Pwee personally.

Secondly, pupils who wish to submit the Donation Draw ticket money tomorrow or collect more booklets to sell may do so too. Otherwise, please submit by Term 3, Week 1 on 30 June 2017.

That's all for now. Thank you!

New intake (Term 3 2017)

Dear parents,

Please note that we will send an email to you to confirm if your child is selected (1st 10 registrations) to be in the CCA. Others will join the CCA in January 2018.

Please click the link here:

Monday, 15 May 2017

Scouts (19 May)

Dear cubs, 

Please note that there's CCA this Friday. Meet in 2D classroom as usual in your full scout uniform. Bring your log book and record book.

Pupils who wish to submit the Donation Draw ticket money or collect more booklets to sell may do so too. 

There is no CCA in week 10 prior to early dismissal on Friday, 26 May due to Centennial Village preparations

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

UG Camp preparations

Dear parents

Some tips before the camp:

Rather than a trolley luggage, a haversack or duffle back is preferred. This ensures that the child can carry their own bags.

There will be a briefing for all camp participants tomorrow morning. Cubs, please look out for the announcement.

Do encourage your child to pack their own bag. You may supervise them. This ensures that they know what's in the bag. It's advisable to put each day's set of clothes in a ziplock bag / plastic bag so that the dirty clothes can be kept in the bag after the shower. We have a lot of instances of lost clothes when the kids go to the shower without a bag, or kids getting upset because their parents or helper forgot to pack an item for them. We do wish to instill a sense of responsibility and independence in the kids, so we greatly appreciate if parents can partner with us on this.

Thanks so much!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Scouts (12 May)

Dear cub scouts,

CCA still resumes for those who are not going for the camp. Please bring your log book and record book for Arrows & Badges. Meet in 2D classroom in full uniform at 2pm. 

See you on Friday, Cubs!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Combined Uniform Group Camp 2017

Dear Parents,

We are extremely glad to have instructors from Camp Challenge join us for this camp! :) 

Please note the following -

Assembly Details
Date: 12 May, Friday 
Time: 2 pm (Be punctual :) )
Venue: Courtyard 
Attire: Scouts half-uniform

Dismissal Details
Date: 14 May, Sunday
Time: 12 pm (Be punctual :) )
Venue: Meeting Point 

Packing List
Please find the packing list here. You may download and print this checklist.

Payment Details
Cost: $140
Mode of Payment: Cheque
Please write a cheque made payable to 'Nanyang Primary School'  with name and class at the back of the cheque.

I will be waiting outside the KRC staff room on 11 May between 7 am to 7.15 am for the collection of cheques. Late payment will not be entertained. 

Please drop me an email or dojo if your child is unable to meet me at the above specified time due to prefect duties. 

Looking forward to the camp together with your child! 

Ms Sarina Amin

Combined Uniform Group Camp 2017

Dear all,

Here are the participants for the combined Uniform Group Camp.
See you next Friday at 2 p.m. at the Courtyard.

Jolene Bong
Ang Zhi En
Faith Wong Yu Jia
Chng Yixun Gareth
Ryan Asher Koo
Jackson Ting Ying Quan
Soo Wei Han
Chay Yee Shun Isaac
Tan Yi Ki
Kaelyn Chia Chloe Qin En
Cheng Jia Jie
Tan Wee Kian
Ng Yun Vera
Kendren Lee Zhengrong
Hayden Lam Hao En
Tiow Tze Tsiang Timothy
Jakob Fok Yong Ning
Ethan Ng Huang Ruikang
Kieran Taan Kiat Ren
Gan Eu Jin
Ng Sean, Maximillian
Yeo Zach
Sean Tey Yi-Shuen