Sunday, 17 January 2016

22 Jan 2016

Dear all,

Let's meet at 2E classroom at 2pm.
Current cubs to be in full scout uniform.
New cubs and P5s who wish to join us after the P5 camp may come in PE or house T-shirts.
New cubs are to bring along an A5 ring-bound notebook (like the art-journal)

See you on Friday, at 2pm sharp!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

First CCA (2016) and CCA orientation for P4 pupils

Dear all,

Welcome back to school!!!

Please note that Pegasus CCA will start on 15 Jan 2016. We will have CCA orientation for P4 pupils on 12 Jan 2016.

We will need 10 cubs to help out during the P4 orientation. Only 10 consent forms will be printed and left in Mrs Pwee's new locker (#115). Current Cub scouts who are able to stay back to help with the orientation are to pick up the consent form between Wed (6 Jan 2016) and Fri (8 Jan 2016).

Submit the signed consent form back into the same locker by Mon, 11 Jan 2016.

Thank you!