Thursday, 30 July 2015

Donation draw tickets

Dear Cubs,

Please return the following to Miss Lim by tomorrow morning
1) all donation draw ticket stubs
2) money collected from the sale of tickets
3) any unsold tickets.
Please note that partially sold booklets are unacceptable.

Thank you

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Donation Draw Tickets 2015

Dear all,

Please collect the Donation Draw Tickets from Miss Lim by this Thursday (16 July).

Each booklet consists of 5 tickets, and each ticket is $3. You are to return the money and all unsold tickets by 31 July. Half-sold booklets are not acceptable. You must try to finish selling the entire booklet before you start on a new booklet.

DO NOT leave cash / cheque / the donation draw tickets unattended or in the pigeon hole.

Submit all money and unsold booklets PERSONALLY to Miss Rebecca Lim. If you have difficulties selling all 6 booklets (recommended by SSA), or wish to collect more to sell, please see Miss Lim too.

* 50% of all proceeds will be allocated to our unit, so let's do our best to sell the tickets so we can 'earn' some money and have more activities.

Thank you!

* Remember that there's no CCA on Friday! See you next week!