Monday, 27 February 2017

Investiture Ceremony cum overnight camp

Dear all,

The investiture ceremony will be held from 7 to 9 pm next Friday, 3 March. Parents are most welcome to join us and you will be invited to put on the scarf for your child during the ceremony.
If the weather is good, we will have the ceremony at the courtyard. However, if it rains, we will have it in the hall.

Pupils will report for CCA at 2pm as usual and stay on till we break camp on Sat, 12noon. Kindly pick up your child at the Meeting Point by 12 noon.

* Dinner, supper and breakfast will be provided.
* As there has not been any offers for organized jobs on Saturday morning, we will stay in school to work on some camp craft.

**No CCA on 10 March (Sports Day)

Do contact any of the teachers through email or class dojo if you need any clarification.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Job Week 2017

Dear all,

Your child would have brought back the 'Job Week' card on Friday, 24 February. We need your assistance to remind your child to keep it properly, as you will need to make a police report if the card is lost.

To encourage the Cubs to participate in this activity, they will get the Bumble Bee badge upon submission.

Job Week is to inculcate the value of honest hard work. This is also a fund raising activity (Half the amount raised will used to cover expenses in SSA while the other half will be given back to the NYPS account parked in SSA), and we appeal to you to help give some jobs to your child to help him/her earn some money.

Please note that the official Job Week period is during the March holidays. However, SSA had said that as long as it's a pre-arranged activity by the school, scouts are able to work outside of the stipulated period. I have informed our school staff that our Cubs might approach them to ask for jobs. Please do encourage your child to be pro-active in asking their teachers and relatives.

Friday, 24 February 2017

North area World Scout Day celebration (25 Feb)

Dear cubs,

Please be in your half Scout Uniform (scout T-shirt with unit scarf, scout shorts, belt, cap, socks and black shoes) for World Scout Day on 25 Feb. All new cubs please wear PE T-shirt as the items ordered are not ready for collection.

Do bring your own snacks and water bottle. Look forward to a fun-filled Saturday!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Scouts (24 Feb)

Dear cubs,

Please bring your log book and record book for Arrows & Badges. Meet in 2D classroom in full uniform at 2pm. Newcomers, if you have not collected your uniform, you can come in PE attire or house T-shirt.    

We will also collect all outstanding forms & money if you have yet submitted the following:
- investiture ceremony consent form;
- CLTC money and form;
- uniform money

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Pre-arranged Job week (4 March)

President Tony Tan, Chief Scout of Singapore,
 launched the Scouts’ Job Week at the Istana in 2016
Dear parents,

Job Week is an annual activity conducted for all Scouts to instill an appreciation of the dignity of honest labour and the value of hard work. It is about developing values in our Scouts so they become better leaders & citizens of our World. The funds raised will support Scouting activities (50% to HQ expenses and 50% to our unit).

If you are able to accommodate 20-30 Cubs in your office on the morning of 4 March, Saturday (or any other time) for job week activity, kindly email Mrs Pwee at by 25 Feb 2017. The preferred date (4/3) given coincides with the Overnight Camp, and we will have more Cubs  participating in the organized Job Week activity.

Nevertheless, we welcome any pre-arranged job bookings for any number of Cubs you are able to take.

Organized job bookings for the cubs are:

- Safer as they are in a controlled environment.
- Good introductory session to Job Week for new Cubs.
- Prepare Cubs for the jobs they will experience outside.

Should you have any feedback or queries, feel free to email or dojo us.

Investiture Camp consent form

Dear cubs,

If you were absent yesterday, please collect the consent form for our Investiture Camp coming up on 3 to 4 March from either Mr Chan Wei Shen (KRC office) or Ms Sarina (CRC office). You may also take it from locker #115 near KRC level 2 near lost & found area if you cannot find the teachers.

Do return the forms to us by 24 Feb, Friday or during CCA itself.

Class Dojo

Dear parents,

Please accept invitation to your dojo account asap to facilitate dissemination of information. If you have changed your handphone number, do notify us.

Thank you! 

World Scout Day (22 Feb)

Dear Cubs,

Please be in your full scout uniform (with red scarf) at 7.15am on Wednesday (22 Feb) to commemorate the World Scout Day. Assemble at the school courtyard.

For new Cubs, if you have not received any of the items stated below, just join us in your school uniform.

- V-neck jersey + shorts (with belt)
- scout socks  + black shoes (please buy your own)
- scout cap

*Please dojo the scout teachers if you are not sure

Thursday, 16 February 2017


Dear new cubs,

Please bring the money ($60) for the payment of uniforms tomorrow if you have not done so. You will receive your uniform only after you have paid for it.

You may refer to the post about Scout shop shopping list for more details:

Scouts (17 Feb)

Dear cub scouts ,

Please bring your log book and record book for Arrows & Badges. Meet in 2D classroom in full uniform at 2pm. Newcomers can come in PE attire or house T-shirt. 

See you on Friday, Cubs!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Scout shop Shopping List

Dear parents of new cub scouts,

Please see the list below for items you will need to buy for your child.  In view of the large number of new recruits, we will not be bringing the cubs to SSA for shopping but getting them to try the uniform in school instead. Uniform fitting has been/ will be done in school (instead of going to SSA to buy). If you prefer to bring your child to buy the uniform at SSA yourself, please inform us by Friday, 2 p.m. 

Please bring $60 in cash (total amount) on Thursday (7.15am at the courtyard) or Friday (during CCA) and submit to Mr Chan or Mrs Pwee. $30 are for items 4 to10 while another $30 are for items 1 to 3 which will be subsidized by MOE's uniform grant. This subsidy will be reimbursed via the child's account. Please place it in an envelope indicating name, class and BC number clearly written on the envelope.

Thank you

Total Defence Day Commemoration (13 Feb)

Dear cub scouts,

You are reminded to wear your full scout uniform with the national scarf and cap on Monday, *13 Feb, to commemorate Total Defence Day. 

New Cubs need not wear the scout uniform if you do not have it.

Scouts 10 Feb

Dear cub scouts ,

Please bring your log book and record book for Arrows & Badges. Meet in 2D classroom in full uniform at 2pm. Newcomers can come in PE attire or house T-shirt. 

See you on Friday, Cubs!

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Dear cub scouts, 

Please come for CCA in your full uniform and meet at 2D classroom (opposite the Interaction Room) at 2pm sharp tomorrow.

Newcomers can come in PE attire or house T-shirt. Do bring your log books and record books as well.

See you!