Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Overseas Combined Uniform Group Adventure Camp - Batam

Day 1
Final instructions before we left NYPS.

Getting ready to move

Avern helping to load the luggage

Finally moving off to Harbourfront...

Waiting to board...

Yes! Batam here we come!

Arrived in batam...

Lunch at Sudanese restaurant... 8 to a table...
Just nice! 7 cubs + Mrs Pwee.

Waiting for the bus after lunch...

Finally checked into the hotel and waiting for room keys.

Team building games

Yay! Got the keys. Off we go to our respective rooms.

More team building games

Dinner time

Veg & salad

Fish, chicken, cooked veg, rice & soup.

Yay, dinner!!!

Day 2
Network was weak yesterday and this morning. So here's my attempt to upload again...

Buffet breakfast

Scout's own after breakfast

Visit to the dragon fruit plantation

Dragon fruit plant

Dragon fruit flowers

Visit to a local chocolate outlet

So this is how they make otak!

Lunch time!

Safety before the hike

Stretching exercises to prepare for the hike

Lovely weather, awesome nature!

Pleasant surprise! A pitcher plant...

Another surprise! A poison mushroom.

Group photo

Finally reach the destination!

Visiting the Batam Zoo

Honey bear

Dinner in the hotel again...

Day 3
A very adventurous day for all....High elements & rafting

Cubs did the 'donut' and bridge and then flying fox.
Had lunch at a nearby seafood restaurant and then rafting.

No sweat for Lex!

Avern doing his best and having lots of fun!

Leroy... Terrified but super resilient. Really proud of you... Bravo!

Amanda, 加油!

Easy peasy for Zachary!

Dylan giving it up a try too...

Lunch time...
Oops, too hungry... Forgot to take photos of the food...

Ok, back to adventure rafting time.
Test of knotting skills and learning to work as a team too.

Forgot to take dinner shots again... Lol.

Gala night...

Games - dragon's fight

Cubs' item
- Six little ducks ...

I've got peace like a river...

A video will best show how well our cubs did for the performance and how they had enjoyed themselves...