Flag raising roster 2017

Thank you for services Cub Scouts!

On duty:
Please collect flags from the General Office and then be at the respective flagpoles by 7.10am.
If you are on ‘reserve’ duty, you are still required to report at your respective flagpole to check that those on duty are present. Please be ready to help raise the flag if 1 or 2 persons are missing.

Please go up to the Courtyard to look for help from other P3&4 Cubs if you are the only one at the flagpole at 7.15am.

Off duty:
If you see that there are only 2 persons at the flag pole, do volunteer your services.
If there are 1 or 2 Brownies at their flag pole, also volunteer to help too.

- We take honour in raising the national/school flag, and we show respect by standing at attention (straight, on both feet). All eyes on the flags (and the people raising them).
- Be a model for the other pupils to follow.
- Follow the tempo/speed of the music when you are raising the flag. Work together as a team to look out for one another.

Updated on 30 June 2017

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