Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Investiture ceremony cum overnight camp

Dear Cubs and parents,

There will be a meeting this Friday, 6 March, before the Investiture Ceremony. All Cubs are to report in class 4K at 2pm, and stay in school until the campfire ends. Dinner will be provided for all Cubs.

The following are important timings for parents to note:

Mar 6
7.15pm: Investiture Ceremony at the Courtyard
Mar 7
1.30pm: break camp & dismissal at KRC meeting point

The detailed camp programme will be shared with the cubs on Friday.

Dress code is as follows:
Investiture camp: Full uniform with black shoes for all cubs

Gardens by the Bay outing: Scouts T-shirt/ PE attire (for those who have not purchased the scout T-shirt)

*please see earlier blog for packing list.

Thank you and see you on Friday!

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