Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Donation Draw Tickets 2015

Dear all,

Please collect the Donation Draw Tickets from Miss Lim by this Thursday (16 July).

Each booklet consists of 5 tickets, and each ticket is $3. You are to return the money and all unsold tickets by 31 July. Half-sold booklets are not acceptable. You must try to finish selling the entire booklet before you start on a new booklet.

DO NOT leave cash / cheque / the donation draw tickets unattended or in the pigeon hole.

Submit all money and unsold booklets PERSONALLY to Miss Rebecca Lim. If you have difficulties selling all 6 booklets (recommended by SSA), or wish to collect more to sell, please see Miss Lim too.

* 50% of all proceeds will be allocated to our unit, so let's do our best to sell the tickets so we can 'earn' some money and have more activities.

Thank you!

* Remember that there's no CCA on Friday! See you next week!

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