Thursday, 24 March 2016


Due to some unforseen circumstances (in view of the latest deadline by NCSS for submission of accounts by VWOs), SSA HQ seeks our help to urgently bank in all monies from job week collection. As such, we will collect all job week cards and money collected on Monday, before and after the morning assembly from 7.10 am onwards at the rectangular table outside the staff room.

Please place the job week card and money in a recycled envelope, with your name and class written outside. Please also ensure you have the correct amount of money as stated on your card.

Thank you.

* Do NOT place any cash inside Mrs Pwee's cabinet. Thank you

We will meet for CCA as usual on Friday 2-4 pm. Cubs who are attending STC will come for CCA and be led to STC at 3.30pm.

Thank you

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