Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Flag raising roster 2017

Dear all,

Please refer to the table below for the new flag raising roster. 

On duty:
Please collect flags from the General Office and then be at the respective flag poles by 7.15am.
If you are on duty at the BBC, and 1 or 2 persons are still missing at 7.18am, please go up to the Courtyard to look for help from other P3&4 Cubs.

Off duty:
If you see that there are only 2 persons at the flag pole, do volunteer your services.
If there are 1 or 2 Brownies at their flag pole, also volunteer to help.

- We take honour in raising the national/school flag, and we show respect by standing at attention (straight, on both feet). All eyes on the flags (and the people raising them).
- Be a model for the other pupils to follow.
- Follow the tempo of the music.

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