Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Scout shop Shopping List

Dear parents of new cub scouts,

Please see the list below for items you will need to buy for your child.  In view of the large number of new recruits, we will not be bringing the cubs to SSA for shopping but getting them to try the uniform in school instead. Uniform fitting has been/ will be done in school (instead of going to SSA to buy). If you prefer to bring your child to buy the uniform at SSA yourself, please inform us by Friday, 2 p.m. 

Please bring $60 in cash (total amount) on Thursday (7.15am at the courtyard) or Friday (during CCA) and submit to Mr Chan or Mrs Pwee. $30 are for items 4 to10 while another $30 are for items 1 to 3 which will be subsidized by MOE's uniform grant. This subsidy will be reimbursed via the child's account. Please place it in an envelope indicating name, class and BC number clearly written on the envelope.

Thank you

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