Wednesday, 10 May 2017

UG Camp preparations

Dear parents

Some tips before the camp:

Rather than a trolley luggage, a haversack or duffle back is preferred. This ensures that the child can carry their own bags.

There will be a briefing for all camp participants tomorrow morning. Cubs, please look out for the announcement.

Do encourage your child to pack their own bag. You may supervise them. This ensures that they know what's in the bag. It's advisable to put each day's set of clothes in a ziplock bag / plastic bag so that the dirty clothes can be kept in the bag after the shower. We have a lot of instances of lost clothes when the kids go to the shower without a bag, or kids getting upset because their parents or helper forgot to pack an item for them. We do wish to instill a sense of responsibility and independence in the kids, so we greatly appreciate if parents can partner with us on this.

Thanks so much!

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