Wednesday, 23 August 2017

(ONLY for) Solar Oven participants

Dear cubs,

As part of the training before the competition, we will make our very own solar oven so I will need you to bring the following items. You may swap the recycled items to bring, at your own discretion but everyone needs to bring at least an item. Be proactive and creative!
*Failure to bring an item will deem a slot in the competition

Items to bring:
1) Julien, Qeshm - Scissors, scotchtape, glue
2) Kaelyn, Vera - 5 black A4 papers
3) Jovan, Yi Jun, Jackson - shoe box/ pizza box
4) Ethan Ng, Kieran Tan - plastic wrap/ A4 plastic
5) Ethan Lee, Max - aluminium foil
6) Any recyclable item you may think of that is suitable for solar oven

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