Sunday, 4 March 2018

Information about Job Week

Dear parents, 

The annual Job Week is here again! Your child(ren) would have brought back the Job Week Card and consent form for doing the Job Week on Friday (2/3). We appeal to you to give your child your fullest support by giving him/her/them some jobs. [If your child (P3-6) has not received it, please ask him/her to see Mr Chan or Mrs Tang as soon as possible).

Of course, it be be a great encouragement to them if you are can give them a little token for their services. However, no obligations... the Cubs need to learn the value of hard work as well as voluntary services. 

Examples of work to give: sweeping/mopping the floor in the house; taking care of the plants in the garden (for a few days); cleaning the living room; helping to wash the family car (with adult supervision), helping out in your office; running errands or providing extra help to family members/neighbours, decorating/maintaining the family noticeboard, etc. 

* Please take note that a police report will need to be made if the Job Week card is lost.

All proceeds from the Job Week will go into supporting Scouts programmes and activities (to both HQ expenses and also to our unit). 

Thank you in advance for your support!

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