Friday, 27 July 2012

2012 Rock Climbing Activitiy

Lunch before climbing

Safety Briefing

One of the Instructors
Instructor Woody
The instuctor doing a demonstation
How the harness should be worn
All eager to climb

Mathew, who managed to climb nearly to the top


Lin Xuan, the only girl who managed to climb up all the way to the top!

Duan Kang, one of the first boys who reached the top


Cornnor (left) with his brother, Alan. Cornnor was the 2nd boy who reached the top. 

Our three scouts who climbed all the way to the top with much determination. A MacDonald's meal awaits them =)
We are very proud of our cub scouts today. Although it was a hot day today, they managed to keep their spirits high for this outdoor activity. They cheered and encouraged their friends.

What touched our hearts today is the determination that most of our cubs displayed. The youngest climber, Connor, who reached the top is merely 9 years old. Most of the cubs managed to climb up at least 5 meters of the rock wall. Some who are Acrophobic, managed to overcome their fear and climbed up at 3 metres. 

For many of us who were waiting to climb, as we looked at others climbed, we thought to ourselves "That looks easy." It's only when you started climbing up the rocky wall, will you realize that it is not an easy task.

We hope that the cubs will always remember this experience and learn

It's never easy to conquer the obstacles that they may face in future in life, 
but with detemination (and maybe many repeated attempts and failures), 
nothing is impossible. 

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