Wednesday, 1 August 2012

CCA on 3 Aug 2012

Dear Parents and Cub Scouts,

Please note that there is CCA meeting this Friday, 3 Aug 2012, for those who has submitted the consent form for the Visit to the Neighbourhood Police Post.

The following is the tentative flow of events for the day:
All cubs scouts reminded to meet at the foyer (behind the school hall) in their full uniform by 2 p.m.
We will then make our way to the Police Post by foot.
We will return to school between 4 to 430 p.m. and the cub scouts are required to sit for a written test for the badge.
Your child can leave when he/she has completed the test. CCA will end by 5.15 pm.

Please do make arrangements to pick up your child at the school gates.
Cars will not be allowed to be driven into school compound on Friday (after 2 pm) due to the P6 Oral Exams.

Thank you =)

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